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Well Dagobahn let me tell you something, to maintain peace on this planet plently of blood is going to have to be spilled in conflicts and wars.
Believe it or not, but I'm one of those na´ve souls who believe world peace can be achieved.

It's fantasy to think that negotiations is always going to keep the peace now and in the future.
And it's a strawman to say I claimed it would.

You mean the, ''Coward Nations''.The UN is useless.
It assists elections in about 200 countries annualy, for one thing. To call it "useless" is a big leap.

You don't seem that worried about what this crisis will lead to.
He is a tyrant he will not agree to anything that will make him and his regime less powerful in that country.
He is also a criminal and need to be punish.

You know for example, if he was committing genocide in that country you would want the authorities to waste precious time negotiating while many people will die in that time.
He is a terrorist; he is terrorizing the world with his nuclear threats.
That reads like you just copied the neo-con chant on Saddam Hussain pre-Operation Iraqi Screw-up and pasted it here. And look how well the invasion of Iraq turned out.

So what the hell is the UN and the US army; a piece of s**t.
Are you drawing that from what I said?

I didn't say the US Armed Forces were "a piece of ****", I just said that a Third Korean War would cost a good deal of human lives and money and not be worth it the least.

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