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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
Believe it or not, but I'm one of those na´ve souls who believe world peace can be achieved.
Well let me be more specific. I mean a reasonble peace.

It assists elections in about 200 countries annualy, for one thing. To call it "useless" is a big leap.
What about fighting wars and stoping genocide? They have fail on a massive scale: Rwanda, Bosnia and Kosovo.
Possibily Darfur will be their next failure.
Also Kosovo would have been much more worst if Clinton didn't push for military action.

That reads like you just copied the neo-con chant on Saddam Hussain pre-Operation Iraqi Screw-up and pasted it here. And look how well the invasion of Iraq turned out.
Let me make one damn thing clear, f**k Bush and his useless administration.The hell with neo-cons, got it.
Iraq war was a republican and some idiotic demorcrats mistake for, encouraging it.
I am not going to go into why it was, you already know that those threads already exist.

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