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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
I say maybe it's time for us to give something. Like starting to negotiate with him. Dubya's usual cowboy-stance is what does absolutely nothing: Kim Jong-Il considers all threats challenges, so the louder Bush yells, the more nukes Kim builds.
We have, plenty of times. Here's some information, first April 23rd 2003.

Fox News reports: Three-Way Talks Begin on North Korea's Nuclear Program and North Korean Negotiators Known for Drama. Excerpt from latter article: Historically, North Korea, as a small nation, has tried to play larger players on the world stage against each other, he [Scott Snyder, an expert on the nation's negotiating style] said. "They did that for years in their dealings with the Chinese and the Soviet Union," he said. "They basically worked with the Chinese for a while and tried to make the Soviets jealous and then switched back all the while asking for benefits, primarily economic."

UPDATE APRIL 24: Fox News reports: North Korea Admits It Has Nukes. Excerpt: North Korea continued to try to ratchet up the pressure and is believed to want economic aid in exchange for concessions. Its leaders are outraged over U.S. moves to cut off oil shipments because of its suspected nuclear weapons program, and fears it is next on Washington's list for military action. ... The North's Korea People's Army vowed to "put all people under arms and turn the whole country into a fortress" and urged its soldiers to become "human bombs and fighters ready to blow up themselves" to protect leader Kim Jong Il.,2933,84881,00.html,2933,84838,00.html,2933,85033,00.html

Remember when Kim Jong blackmailed America by threatening to turn it into a 'sea of fire'? This was reported on July 17th 2003, the link's gone but here's this.

These comments were on September 2 2003.

North Korea's hostile weekend reaction to last week's six-way talks on its nuclear program was an initial response and probably a negotiating ploy, South Korea said on Monday. [...]
It is not yet clear whether Pyongyang has officially reneged on that agreement or is using past tactics that mix bluster and brinkmanship with gradual steps forward.

"The North Koreans' post-conference verbal offensive was nothing but a stupid repeat of their habitual negotiating strategy," the Korea Herald said in an editorial.

Here's one time when aid was given to North Korea, January 26 2004.

The donation of 60,000 tons brings the total of U.S. contributions for the year to 100,000. The Bush administration has said it keeps consideration of North Korea's humanitarian needs separate from differences with the reclusive regime on its weapons programs. A second round of arms negotiations has been postponed with no date set.

From Capitalism Magazine.

This is a clear example of supporting our enemies and keeping them alive, even a purported member of the "Axis of Evil" such as North Korea. We'll never win against any of these countries if we keep them alive with 100,000 metric tons of food. They wanted Communism, let their workers paradise produce their own food.

Going back a year ago an article at the time noted: "North Korea continued to try to ratchet up the pressure and is believed to want economic aid in exchange for concessions." Unfortunately for us, such black mail is allowed to work. For it is the hostile dictatorship that ultimately benefits from such aid, not the millions being used as political pawns and slowly starved to death.

August 25th 2004.

North Korea hurled invective at President Bush for a second day Tuesday, calling him a political idiot and human trash, and said six-party talks on Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions appeared doomed.
A day earlier, a Foreign Ministry spokesman for the isolated communist state described Bush as a tyrannical imbecile who put Adolf Hitler in the shade and said Pyongyang could see no justification to negotiate with his administration.

My two cents? If North Korea seeks to harm people, either it's own or those in other countries, then it has to be stopped. How I don't know, I can see us being ****ed taking both the diplomatic and militaristic approach.
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