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Pavidus launched himself at the youngest and brashest, who had the nerves of rushing at him. He stopped his run, got some balance, and jumped, flipping in mid-air, and landed behind him. The Reborn turned around, and Pavidus, with his back to the Reborn's face, threw two of his lightsabers in a circle as they passed through the Reborn's head and returned to Pavidus, killing the Reborn. 1 down, 3 more to go.

He then launched himself at another, rolled right in his front and under him, got up, turned around, facing the Reborn's back and stabbed him with his four lightsabers. 2 more to go.

It appeared the remaining ones had teamed up. Suddenly, something just flew through his mind, and he combined his four Lightsabers into two Staffsabers. He simply launched himself to both, twirling his sabers around. A veteran one could block them, but the other, filled with fear was struck down.

The battle between the two ensued on. The remaining Reborn Warrior seemed much more of a challenge than Pavidus would ever thought. Even with two Staffsabers, he could not defeat a seasoned and well-trained Sith Warrior. Now, another thing flew through his mind, and he combined his two Staffsabers.

"Good, he has formed the X-Saber," Uriel whispered.

Pavidus grinned, and started to twirl it around. Now, the seasoned warrior looked like a simple scared man, a child, with a laser blade. He stroke around, and finally, with a stroke of his X-Saber, he threw it as it sliced through his neck and back onto Pavidus' hands as he split his arms back. He got his cape back and exited the room, and only then, the Reborn's arms, legs, hands and head dropped from the chest.

"The task is complete Milord," Pavidus coughed.
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