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Okay, just how incredibly stupid do people think Kim Jong-il actually is? He may be a demagogue and a piss-poor leader, but he knows that if he actually uses nuclear weapons to attack his neighbors all Bush has to do is push a single button, and North Korea vanishes. Poof, gone. He's trying to become a Big Boy on the world block, and he clearly loves the attention. After all, North Korea is a pariah state that can't even feed its population without huge aid shipments from (mainly) China, and it wasn't that long ago that reports of mass starvation and even cannibalism in the rural areas began surfacing. The only thing North Korea does have is a huge military, due to Kim spending about half the country's GDP on it, and the entire population is the most brainwashed set of people ever seen. It's like Jonestown, only with artillery pieces and attack planes. But even Kim, like the guy in Iran, must know that any attack on US allies or the US itself using nukes will result in the complete and utter annihilation of their own country and population. You really think they're that foolish?

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