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The people of Iraq neither deserve liberal democracy nor can they handle it.

To be as evil as possible, I will say that most people deserve the kind of government they get. Meaning that the Iraqi people deserved to be ruled by a brutal dictatorship, just as the people of Saudi Arabia deserve to be ruled by a corrupt monarchy, and the people of Iran deserve to be ruled by a bunch of religious fools.

And the American people deserve to be ruled by an incompetent failure that we call our current President.

So why am I being such a bastard, saying that the Iraqi people deserved to be ruled by Hussein? Because he was the only man who could hold together a group of nuts who hate each other, and when are given freedom, they abuse it; they use it as an excuse to start a religious civil war.

Democracy is only useful when the people themselves are responsible enough to handle it. It is, after all, government by the people. The Iraqi people are CLEARLY not responsible enough to handle freedom. Hell, the American people can't even handle it. How the hell are we supposed to spread freedom and democracy when it isn't even working very good for us?
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