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Firstly AoSW is not going to close, after the recent spate of issues we decided to re-assess our position, this was unfortunately interrupted. The site was hacked (yet again), our hosting pulled and the fact that I couldnít access the Internet for 5 days (donít ask) just exacerbated the problem. Secondly AoSW is expanding itís current projects to include Half Life 2 and Battlefield 2142, promoting Dr. Nick to Leader of AoSW EaW thus freeing up MSEagle to supervise the other projects.

This is a current Staff list for AoSW EaW:

MSEagle - AoSW Global Leader
Dr. Nick - Leader
Wildcat - Modeller/Animator
DS - Lead Modeller
Silvanas - Lead Writer
Me - Community Manager
Erei - Skinner
Joe- Writer
Dede - Modeller
MYNA - Modeller

The staff lists for the other projects will be released in the next update, for now here are some new renders for you to salivate over we also have some Avatars, user bars and signatures to show your support for AoSW:

Ancient Droid
Mining Droid Mark I
Mining Droid Mark I (2)
Patrol Droid Mark I
Probe Droid
Republic Freighter
Republic Transport


Bastila Avatar 1
Bastila Avatar 2

Harbinger Avatar

Malak Avatar 1
Malak Avatar 2
Revan Avatar

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