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Kim Jong-Il has no incentive to start a war - unless you can provide me with one.

He wants nuclear weapons for self-defence, and so do, probably, the ayathollas. As for the monetary profit of selling nukes to parties that would use them, that's a different question.

The idea that KJI would just let the UN come into his country and distribute aid is fanciful at best.
Yesh. He wants his horrific, starving villages to remain as secret as possible.

It may be somewhat arguable as to how much his people revere him. If the prospects for surviving are basically nil for openly criticizing your leader, you tend to shut up or sing his praises to escape even suspicion.
There are people outside of North Korea who think the poverty is the US and UK's fault. Imagine, then, the people inside North Korea who've been subject to propaganda all their life and never given a second of dissenting opinion.

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