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Yeah, most likely any NK would blame outsiders if they said anything publically. Still, no way to know for certain what they really believe. But it's really not relevant to addressing the question anyway. If it comes to combat, it's really only the "million man army" of KJI that you need worry about. KJI has bought their allegiance.

Don't know if that comment about KJI was aimed at me, so to speak, but I didn't say he actually did. He's more likely to continue rattling his saber to try to extort any concessions he can get from the west. He's much more likely to sell a nuke tipped scud to one of our (America's) nemeses than to actually launch one vs us instead. I don't buy, however, that Iran or NK are trying to develop nuke weapons for strictly defensive means. Unless the Iranians are using Ahmadinejad as a form of bad cop, one has to figure that they mean what they say about this 12th Imam biz. Like the Nazis before them, these guys look to start with the jews, not necessarily end with them.

I'll also reemphasize my earlier point. Preemption is not in and of itself immoral or even wrong. It is a tool, the intent behind it being the only question mark. It is not necessary to wait for someone to inflict great harm upon you before you act to prevent such a thing. Specifically, if the US had found the 19 highjackers prior to their getting their planes, and killed them.......that would have been a legitimate use of self defense. It may seem somehow more humanitarian to just lock them up, but wars are messy business and no time for squeamish people to be in positions of power.
Coddeling the opposition under those circumstances only encourages them to keep on trying to hit you, knowing your too weak to truly protect yourself.
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