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Ironic how North Korea's biggest ideological cornerstone is Juche or self-reliance as it translates. The civil horrors there are no one's fault but their inept cult-of-personality leaders.
Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
Yesh. He wants his horrific, starving villages to remain as secret as possible.
Wouldn't you? North Korea is one of the most paranoid and secretive regions on Earth. Area 51 is positively a tourist trap compared with Pyongyang.
Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
Kim Jong-Il has no incentive to start a war - unless you can provide me with one.
Apart from desperation, no he doesn't. This is brinksmanship, and a direct challenge to the US's shiney new "shoot first and look for weapons of mass destruction later" foreign policy.
Originally Posted by Totenkoph
Israel's possession of nukes never seemed to be a concern to Iranians prior to the ayatollahs. It's unlikely that any nation that can develop a nuclear program in the first place can be prevented from weaponizing that resource in little time. You can't really depend on intelligence estimates for shedding any real light due to the lack of humint in the target countries. Then you have to deal with potentially destabilizing elements like AQ Khan, the father of the Isalmic bomb.
Interesting to note, just a little while after the toppling of Saddam's regime, Syria was accused by the US of helping foster terrorism and unrest in Iraq. Lots of saber-rattling went on for a while, then Syria actually called for the Middle East to be a WMD-free zone. No nukes, no chemical weapons, no WMDs for anyone. Suddenly, all the noise stopped. Funny, that.

Allow me to say finally, that I really do think that North Korea is now drawing a line in the sand with regards to Bushie's First Strike policy. They're saying; "Yeah, we pose a threat. We could come get you. What are you gonna do about it? Huh?" and they're trying to lead the US into a trap. The US attacks first, they lose the "Moral High Ground" and they risk China jumping in on North Korea's side. Plus, they have to fight the North Korean military, who aren't likely to start running backwards and blowing kisses like the Iraqi Republican Guard.

Oh, and one last thing: to the people who think the UN and US are being "cowardly" by not rushing in to blast North Korea away NOWRIGHTNOW: this "cowardice" consisting of not just assuming because someone might attack you means they must be attacked "before they get us" is the only thing that kept the US, USSR, China, Britain and France from wiping out the entire human race forty years ago.

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