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I hear a new apprentice you have Emperor. Or should I call you Darth Sidious-Yoda

Chapter 2 The Taking of the Throne

Sidious flew into the Polis Massa hangar after making sure Vader was alright in his new armor. He looked forward for Yoda to join him on the dark side. He landed and saw Yoda waiting for him. He walked toward him, “Ah Master Yoda how are you.”

“No longer Yoda I am now I am Darth Yoda.”

“I see Darth Yoda, I look forward to our rule of the galaxy.”

“Not much to look forward there is, about to end your rule is.”

Yoda activated Anakin’s lightsaber, Sidious did the same. “You have lied to me Master Yoda.”

“Lied I have not, just know rule you will have my rule it will be.”

Yoda flipped to the side throwing his saber at Sidious. Distracted Sidious turned to stop the twirling saber. Yoda picked up Sidious’s ship and threw it at him. It hit Sidious and sent him flying. Yoda grabbed Sidious’s blood red saber and thrust it into Sidious skull. He then turned and got in the CIS bomber that Obi-Wan had left on his way back from Utapau. He sent out a distress signal to the Star Destroyer that Sidious came in saying Yoda had betrayed him. The Star Destroyer decided to let him in. He landed the Imperial shuttle in the Star Destroyer in the hangar and walked to the ramp. He paused the stormtroopers might shoot him if they saw him. He pushed the access button to lower the ramp. He walked down, the Stormtroopers raised there blasters as they saw him.

“What is this where is the Emperor” the ship’s Admiral demanded.

“No longer Emperor Palpatine is.”


“Died he has, Emperor I am now.”

“This is outrages.”

Darth Yoda had enough, he activated Anakin’s saber and cut down the officer. Another officer ordered the Stormtroopers to put down there blasters. He stepped up, “My lord, my ship since I am now Admiral” he said as he glanced down at the formal Admiral’s dead body. “Agrees to your grasp for power and will fight with you.”

“Good” Yoda replied. “Now take me to the last place you were you must.” With that Yoda turned and walked away to his new throne room.

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