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Begun the clone wars has
Chapter 3 Yoda’s Two Apprentices

Obi-Wan landed on Dantooine, the planet had most of the med droids now which was just what he needed. It wouldn’t take long to find one that would serve Padme right. After he found one he had tricked the droid into letting him stay in the room. He sat in the chair beside the bed and waited. Soon he fell to sleep… He was back on Mustafar though in the distance he could see Padme’s ship flying off. He turned and saw the Emperor walking down to where Vader lay. Vader was not on fire now but he could see burnt skin, ash, and small sparks still on him. He looked away, He had failed him, he had failed him. It took a while to get use to it. Then he looked back, Sidious was kneeling beside Vader and the clones where gathered around him. Obi-Wan snuck aboard the ship and entered an escape pod to stay in. Later they took off, and Ob-Wan snuck out of the escape pod to find Vader.
Finally Obi-Wan entered a big room and saw the Emperor standing by a metal table binding a metallic black figure down to it. Instantly he knew it was Vader, the table turned up and down and a deep mechanical breath came out of him. After some talking that Obi-Wan couldn’t catch Vader broke his bonds and lightning erupted from his hands Obi-Wan woke up and turned his attention to Padme who was having her twins.

Darth Yoda was on the way to Coruscant to claim the full throne of the Empire. On the way he started to build a new lightsaber. He had built the handle to fit him the same way the other had but at the bottom the had a curved spike strong enough to cut through three lightsaber handles at once and cut off there hand. He opened the hatch and put in Sidious’s red crystal. He turned the saber on, a blood red blade raised out of the handle. He swung the saber in the air and deactivated it. There would soon be a time to use it but not now. Now he had to take the throne from Vader and make him one of his new apprentices.

Yoda landed on Coruscant and entered the Senate, as he entered the main chamber he heard yelling and shouting at a metallic black figure who just stood there annoying them. Vader turned and saw Yoda Vader paused as he activated his new saber. Darth Yoda also activated his newly constructed blood red saber. He jumped across the senate floating pods at Vader, and then in a series of flips he landed his saber right on Vader’s. In another series of flips attacking Vader he made him retreat to another pod. Vader force pushed Yoda to another pod full of three senators. Yoda swung his saber removing the senator’s heads as he jumped back to Vader. He kicked Vader sending him plummeting toward the ground. Vader started screaming with his mechanical voice as he fell. Yoda reached out and stopped him from falling. He brought him up to him.

“Become my apprentice Vader you must and I will offer you more power then Sidious and together hunt down Padme we can.”

“I will join you…Master.”

“Good now go to Kessel you must to find Kyp Durron a force-sensitive child in slavery in the spice mines.”

“Yes Master.” Vader said as he walked away.

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