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Always in motion the future is
Chapter 4 The Way of the Dark Side

Kyp was born on the Deyer colony of the Anoat System. In an Imperial roundup of dissidents, he and his family were enslaved and sent to the Kessel spice mines. His older brother Zeth was retrieved by Imperials to work as a Stormtrooper in an Imperial Academy.

Obi-Wan helped with the babies and finally got them to go to sleep. After much difficulty the med droids had been able to keep Padme alive. For now. Obi-Wan sinced that she would make it but was not completely sure. She had named them Luke for the boy and Leia for the girl. He was given the job to be there god father and to keep them from Yoda and Vader. He intended to do a good job.

Vader landed on Kessel and started his search for this Kyp Durron in the mines. He walked through the mines till he reached the first checkpoint. He walked up to the director. “Who are you?” The director demanded of him.

“I am Darth Vader sent here under the Emperor himself.”

“The Emperor?”


“Fine, what do you need?”

“I need a slave named Kyp Durron he is coming with me.”

“One second.” The man walked away. 5 minitues later he returned with a small boy and some pleading parents. “If you take the boy you get the parents.” Vader nodded and took the three with him. The three walked silently back to the ship. They entered and took off back to Coruscant.

Darth Yoda was pleased when Vader entered with the boy and his parents.

“Ah Mister and Mrs. Durron this is?”


“Good that is.” Yoda explained his intintions to the two parents for there son.

“And if we refuse.” Asked the Dad Michal.

“Through you back into the spice mines I will.” They agreed and were sent out of the room. Yoda brought the boy Kyp into the half rebuilt Jedi temple that was now a sith temple. He brought the boy into a sleeping quarters for the night. For a while the parents will sleep with him but soon the parents will have to leave.
Than Yoda turned his attention to Vader.

“With my power make your body better I can.”


“Feed force power from someone else we must then force and air to you will and get rid of you suit we can but need a jedi we do.”

“I will find one my master.” With that Vader went off on the new mission. Yoda them turned and walked back to his throne.

Obi-Wan stared as Padme stirred. Finally she was awaking, she looked up at him.

“Obi-Wan” she asked “Is Anakin alright.”

“No, he and Yoda turned to the Dark Side.”


“Yes he killed Sidious and became the Empereor himself its on the HNE right now.”

Padme watched the HNE for a while then looked away. Obi-Wan swiched it off.

“We will turn them back no matter what, Padme.”

She nodded but did not catch his eye. Instead she got up and looked over her children. Soon, she vowed I will make a allience against this new evil Empire and win.

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