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Anger leads to hate
Chapter 5 The New order of the Sith and the remains of the Jedi

After the clone wars the jedi knight Sip-ganc was in hiding from his old master Yoda. The planet Dantooine wasn’t to far from Coruscant so he was afraid to muve off-planet from fear of Yoda finding him. He had heard a senator ship had landed on Dantooine so he was heading to see it. As soon as he saw it he immediately reconized it as Padme’s ship. He used the force to since where she was. He ran into a med center and ran to the nearest worker he could find.

“Do you know where I can find a Padme?” He asked.

The man told him the room number, he nodded and headed for the room.

Obi-Wan was startled when the door suddenly opened he reached for his lightsaber and pulled it out and activated it. He was even more surprised when the jedi Sip-Ganc walked in. He saw the man’s eyes widen when he saw Obi-Wan.

“But the order 66, ho-” Sip stumbled.

“I escaped.”

“So did I.”

Obi-Wan motioned to be quiet as he opened the door behind him. There was Padme standing there with two babies. Sip opened his mouth to speak when Obi-Wan shut the door again.

“How.” Sip started.

“It’s a long story, my apprentice Anakin Skywalker sometime during the clone wars must have married her. Later they had these.” Obi-Wan said indicating the babies. “Anakin turned to the dark side a few days ago Coruscant time.”

Still partly startled Sip sat down to think. Obi-Wan sat in the chair beside him. He knew Sip was thinking about his own apprentice, Hatan Korr. He had also broke a jedi rule and had a son. He instead of turning like Anakin he through away his jedi path and never even told his own wife he had been a jedi. Obi-Wan had always liked the boy and was saddend when he had left the jedi order. He had also been saddend when the boy Ferus Olin left the order a few months before. But it was life, though he wished his apprentice had left instead of turning to the dark side as well.

Darth Yoda had sent out a whole army of clones to find all the force sensitive children in the galaxy. He had over 50 canidates already he called them forth to resite the true sith code.

“There is no peace, there is anger.
There is no fear, there is power.
There is no death, there is immortality.
There is no weakness, there is the Dark Side.
I am the Heart of Darkness.
I know no fear,
But rather I instill it in my enemies.
I am the destoyer of worlds.
I know the power of the Dark Side.
I am the fire of hate.
All the Universe bows before me.
I pledge myself to the Darkness.
For I have found true life,
In the death of the light.”

Soon every student knew this and they were ready to begin there sith training. Though his own apprintice Kyp now not already knew the code he was also living it. He was a powerful student who would soon pass even Vader’s power. Darth Yoda was at first surprised at the growing rate of the sith canidates at the newly rebuilt Sith temple. He had hoped that some would come quickly but he was still overwhelmed at the amount. Though many would fail the dark side and might turn to the weak light side of the force.

TK-421 commanded the armies movment as Sarge. His mission was to take what was called a force scanner and scan the many planets of the galaxy for force sensitive children. The main place to find canidates war the planet Dathomir or known as the home of the rancors. He was on the flight to this planet on full speed toward the planet. Darth Yoda had ordered him to search every planet, so that’s what he’ll do.

Tarkin had been Palpatine’s personal Grand Moff before the whole galaxy even knew his great rule. Then he had died after a few days of rule. But the Emperor had known how to clone anyone with there same memories and powers. The knoledge of how had been passed on to him. Though he didn’t think he would have had to use it so early. His knew when and how to use it and he would. The power of the cloning power was secret, he had informed his fleets that were not loyal to Darth Yoda that Palpatine was still “Alive”. From a certain point of view. They knew that he had some information that he would not tell them but they were patient, for now. He incerted the data to clone into the cloning machine. Soon they would overthrow Yoda, soon they will have revenge. But now the war for the throne would begin.
The machine beeped, steam emerged from the clone shaft. He ran to the shaft and through the Sidious’s cloak into the shaft. A few minitues later Sidious emerged from the shaft.

“You have don well, Tarkin.”

Thank you my lord.”
He grinned as he thought: The War of the Throne would now begin.

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