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Once again a good edited Pottsie chap

Chapter 7 The First Move and the Beginning of the War

TK-421 raised his blaster pointing in the air through the crowd. He fired and people turned around and stared. Under his helmet TK grinned. That was easy, he thought.

“To the people of Dathomir after the fall of the Republic in the Clone Wars, Chancellor Palpatine became the new emperor. Seeing the many flaws in Palpatine, Yoda, the dark lord of the Sith and former Jedi, took over the throne, and now Yoda wants students for his great Sith Academy. Please come with me as I search planets to find these students, but only come if the Force is with you.” He finished his speech and fired again, making a murmur of deciding ripple through the crowd. Tons walked forward hoping to join. TK sent them in the ship and one last look at the now bored crowd walked away into the ship after the new candidates. He walked into the cockpit and told the pilot to set course for Naboo.

Sip, Obi-Wan, and Padme, who was carrying the twins, walked toward Padme’s ship and ran up the ramp. Obi-Wan switched on C-3P0 ignoring Padme.

“Ah master Kenobi, were would you like to go as you know I am fluent over-.”

“I know 3P0 take us to Naboo. We’re going to hide there for a while.”

“Oh, yes sir.”

Obi-Wan sighed and sat in the co-pilot seat, while Padme left to her room to care for the twins. Sip shut the door to the cockpit and sat on a table near Obi-Wan.

“So how did Yoda and Anakin turn, the full story this time?” Sip asked.

Obi-Wan hesitated before answering, “Well you already know the Clone Wars and all the battles. I noted they were close but not that close.” He said indicating the children. “Then after he turned, I guess he lost control or saw a vision. He joined Sidious and killed all the Jedi. Even the Younglings.” He said, remembering the security camera’s footage.

“And Yoda?”

“I don’t completely know but maybe he was angry after he lost to Sidious. He killed Bail Organa.”

“Organa, how did he come to this?”

Obi-Wan told him the way Organa had gone to the temple to see what had happened and the Clones killing a padawan. Then he told how he issued a warning that he had reacted joined him before and Yoda. He told how Yoda and him had gone to the temple then went separate ways to battle the two Sith. He told him how he had faced Anakin and how he had gone to meet Yoda again and how he had turned and fought him. Finally he finished as he had flown to Dantooine and found Sip.

“Whoa” Sip said as his response. “You have been in a lot of action.”

Obi-Wan nodded but looked away. He didn’t feel comfortable talking about his former apprentice and the Jedi, he had always looked up to.

“Obi-Wan we all looked up to Yoda for guidance but now…we have to follow a different path. Our best teacher at visions told us a old man on Tatoonie would teach a boy and the Order would be gone. She said the boy would slowly grow up and defeat two Sith and bring the Order and peace to the galaxy. That might of changed, but I bet some remained. I think you were the old man and the boy was Anakin and Padme’s son. If I’m right we might still bring back peace. We have to train Luke and Leia in the ways of the Force.”

“But what if you’re wrong? And I’m not the old man, and the boy isn't Luke?”

“The Jedi doesn’t deal with ifs.”

“The Jedi doesn’t become generals in galactic wars either Sip. And the Order has gone.”

“So we have to bring it back and I’m sure there are Jedi alive.”

Obi-Wan nodded and thought for a while before he drifted to sleep.

Obi Wan soon awoke to find they were approaching Naboo. He got up and sat back in the co-pilot seat. He set the ship to land near Padme’s old home. Soon they landed Obi-Wan told 3P0 to wait in the ship but they brought R2 because of his usefulness as an Astromech Droid. As he entered Padme’s old house he immediately heard a faint ticking sound. He used the force to search the room. He turned fast and motioned Sip to follow him. He ran out the door and used the force to lift Padme, R2, and the twins. He lowered them as far as he could from the house. Sip now aware of what was happening leaped with Obi-Wan away from the building. The house exploded destroying the ship with it. Even with the fire Obi-Wan could see that the house and the ship were beyond repair. A figure suddenly stepped out of the flames. The flames had veered back making a tunnel a boy walked up behind the man. The man stared at them even when they were hidden. Obi-Wan and Sip got up and approached him. They saw his eyes shocked to see they were blood shot. A Lightsaber hung on the man’s belt. The Lightsaber flew to the man’s hand a second later a Lightsaber also flew to the boy’s hand. The Lightsabers were red showing their league in the dark side. Knowing they were sent from Yoda Obi-Wan and Sip activated their Lightsabers. The blue glow from Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber blazed through the sky as he leaped at the man and clashed his Lightsaber against the man’s. Sip’s green Lightsaber rippled past the man as he charged to the boy to fight him. The red and green Lightsabers clashed over and over as they fought.

“Who are who?” Sip asked him.

“I am Darth Zeorg, Darth Yoda’s personal apprentice.”

“And the man?”

“He is Darth Sita, the Sith sent to watch me on my first mission.”

“Ah, so Yoda has already found many candidates.”

Zeorg nodded then swung his Lightsaber back at Sip. Caught by surprise Sip tumbled to the ground. Zeorg pushed him into a large piece of rubble knocking him unconscious.

Obi-Wan swung forward stabbing the Sith in the chest. With a satisfying look, the man fell to the ground dead. He looked up to see the boy, Zeorg that he had heard earlier from the man, charging at him. Their Lightsabers clashed so hard that the great force from Zeorg sent Obi-Wan’s saber flying. Zeorg prepared to kill the former Jedi with a simple stroke with his Lightsaber. Suddenly blaster fire poured toward them as soldiers followed by Sidious’s clone rushed toward them. Using the moment Obi-Wan jumped back grabbed his Lightsaber picked up Sip and ran toward a ship that Padme had found for there escape during the fight.

Zeorg watched them leave as they blasted off away from the troops of clones that had attack both the Jedi and Zeorg. He turned and ran from the troops. He used the Force to pick up Sita and throw him into there ship. He ran in and flew to Coruscant to inform him of the new war that was at hand.

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