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Chapter 8 Yoda’s Civil War

Vader flew toward the planet Ilum. The planet Ilum is home of the crystals that give Lightsabers their power and colour. During the long Clone Wars, the CIS launched a attack against Ilum with their Chameleon Droids. Arriss Offee and Luminara Unduli were in one of the caves containing Lightsaber crystals at the time, but soon realized there were too many attackers after fighting some. Seeing this in a vision, Former Jedi Master Yoda had saved them and the caves. Now Yoda had sent Vader to see if there were any Jedi there. If so he was to capture him for there “Experiment” and take all the crystals then fix his mistake. He landed on Coruscant and jumped out of his Sith starfighter. Immediately he felt the vast cold. He had felt it even when he was a kid. He entered the cave and tried to get warm. Suddenly he remembered he had a heating control on his suit. He looked at it and turned it to the best one for the cave. He moved through the cave looking for any lone Jedi. Suddenly a laser blast flew through the cave hurling toward him. He jumped to the side trying to avoid the dangerous blast. A alien from a species that Vader didn’t recognise stepped out of the shadows. Vader pulled out his red Lightsaber and prepared to strike. He charged slashing his red Lightsaber at the neck. The alien pulled out a staff that looked as if it was covered in diamonds. The staff moved to block the attacking Lightsaber. Vader laughed to soon as he thought the Lightsaber would go right through the staff. The blade stopped as it hit the staff. Shocked Vader moved forward to make another attack. The staff suddenly spit out some liquid that covered the floor and his feet. He tried to move but the guck stuck to him and the ground. Suddenly the alien flipped the staff like a whip and wrapped it around him. The end of the staff/whip moved and Vader felt a searing pain in his leg. The whip had bit him. The alien moved forward, and reached out grabbing Vader’s neck crushing all his bones in the neck and the suit’s protective metal around it.

Obi-Wan sat shocked in Padme’s Cruiser still thinking about the great power the young boy had held. He beat both Sip and me, the thought played over and over in his head. He didn’t like the thought but he accepted it, he needed it. It could help him the next time he meets the Sith. Sip stirred beside him. Obi-Wan saw that Sip now had his eyes open.

“What happened?” Sip asked.

“You were knocked out called by the boy or Darth Zeorg. I also failed to kill him but I managed to get you out of harms way along with Padme and the children.”

Sip groaned as he got up.

“You make it sound as this Zeorg is invincible, Obi-Wan.”
“Well, he certainly beat us.”

“That’s true.” Sip said with a long sigh.

Obi-Wan got up and left to see the twins.

Zeorg landed on Coruscant and jumped out of his ship.

“Sir, you are not allowed to park here this is a private area.” A nearby officer told him.

“I am Darth Yoda’s personal apprentice and I must see him.” Zeorg told him.

“I don’t really care who you are, just get off my property.”

Zeorg lifted the man off the ground and tossed him to his death off the landing dock. He then raised the hood over his head and moved into the shadows as he approached the Sith temple.
He reached the temple a hour later only to find a Sith standing at the door.

“Stop what is your name?” The Sith guard asked him.

“I am Darth Zeorg, Darth Yoda’s personal apprentice. And you are?”

“Davik Starkiller at your service, I am as you can tell about to shift. Otherwise I would need proof that you’re a Sith, but I see your Lightsaber so you can pass.”

Zeorg stood past the guard and headed toward Lord Yoda’s throne room. He entered the throne only to find Yoda waiting for him.

“Well?” Yoda demanded.

“I destroyed the building as you wanted me to. Then we encountered two Jedi one Obi-Wan Kenobi and the other one I did not recognize. Kenobi killed Lord Sita, I knocked the other Jedi out but failed to kill him. I almost killed Kenobi but a squad of clones and Sidious got in the way.”

“Sidious, there has been rumours alive he was or cloned I should say.”

“Well he was there my master that is all that I can tell you.”

“Very well, dismissed you are.”

Zeorg turned and walked away. Ready for the battles of the new Civil War that was at hand.

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