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The forces of Darth Yoda and Darth Sidious had planned for the Civil War at hand but the War was the worst ever. Troops fought on hazards planets as they clashed in battles after battles against fellow clones…

“Prepare troops for the jump to light speed,” TK commanded as the flagship Gordan slowly started out toward Kessel. The planet was the next battlefield of the Galactic Civil War.

“Preparing troops.” The voice of the officer beside him responded. “Jumping to Light speed.”

The Gordan shot in to hyperspace heading toward Kessel.

Tarkin entered the command centre of the base on the hazards planet Kessel.

“Sir, a flagship just appeared out of Hyperspace.” The first officer told him.

“Prepare troops for battle, ready all artillery for battle, we must win.” Tarkin told the Officers.

“Yes, sir.”

The thought in both TK and Tarkin played in not only their heads but also the troops on both sides: The Battle of Kessel will now begin.

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