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Originally Posted by Qliveur
My first post in the new tech forum-great idea, Astro!
welcome Qliveur, glad to see you here

re- Another thing not to forget about is IBM/Sony/Toshiba's Cell Processor

The numbers on it are definitely impressive. Once they moved beyond its use in the PS3, I wonder if they will see it through to the PC. I think it would be good to have a third player on the market

Some more interesting new starting to float out of AMD/ATI is that they are working on combined CPU and GPU (CnGPU) That would be nice need for a separate graphics card....but will it be able to yield as high performance...???

definitely alot of change in the wind in the compy tech world in the next 12-24 months Im happy with my system for the moment....for the new stuff Im taking the 'wait-n-see' approach


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