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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
Yesh. He wants his horrific, starving villages to remain as secret as possible.
Unfortunately, I think when the world truly finds out what's happening there, we're going to all be very ill.

Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
North Korea is one of the most paranoid and secretive regions on Earth. Area 51 is positively a tourist trap compared with Pyongyang.
However, very true, too.

Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
Apart from desperation, no he doesn't. This is brinksmanship, and a direct challenge to the US's shiney new "shoot first and look for weapons of mass destruction later" foreign policy.
I wonder how much of it is also a cultural 'save face' kind of thing. I agree he's playing chicken, though it's pretty stupid to do that when he has the equivalent of a tricycle up against the world's souped up drag-racer.

Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
Allow me to say finally, that I really do think that North Korea is now drawing a line in the sand with regards to Bushie's First Strike policy. They're saying; "Yeah, we pose a threat. We could come get you. What are you gonna do about it? Huh?" and they're trying to lead the US into a trap.
Since their missiles do not have the range to hit the US, it's less of an imperative for us, though I agree they're drawing a line in the sand. And then moving it around and making fun of everyone.

Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
The US attacks first, they lose the "Moral High Ground" and they risk China jumping in on North Korea's side.
I don't think we'd make a move in that region without both China's and Russias approval, since they both _do_ have missiles that can reach us....And I think we'd let China take the lead, since they share the border with NK and would have to deal with a far greater refugee problem than they already currently have.

Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
Plus, they have to fight the North Korean military, who aren't likely to start running backwards and blowing kisses like the Iraqi Republican Guard.
NK can't even light up their country at night. The soldiers are underfed (every picture I've seen of their military shows rather gaunt soldiers), and likely poorly equipped. They do not have equipment as modern as the US, nor do they have enough of it, nor do they have the infrastructure to crank out equipment and move around materiel in a timely manner. I think we'd see a fair number of surrenders, and a couple smart generals who would see the writing on the wall and decide that cooperating with outside governments to overthrow Kim could put them in power in NK.

And windu6, pick a goddamn text colour and stick with it.[/QUOTE]

I don't care if windu 6 changes things around, I just want him to pick the light colors that are easy to read against the dark background, because it's a b*tch to see black, red, dark green, dark grey, and purple against this dark grey. My multipley-29 year old eyes can't take it when the dark words disappear into the background.
Sometimes I just hit the 'reply to' button so I can read it as black text on white, which negates the purpose of color in the first place.
windu6--the best contrast is white on black. If you gotta do colors, at least pick the ones that are lighter and brighter, like yellow, orange, and pale green. Your point doesn't work well if some of us who are Auld Pharts can't read them because the low contrast makes it too hard.

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