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Originally Posted by FunSolo
could u make a bundle out of this mod, after u released all the small parts of it? cause it looks good as a total conversion, but not as just implementing a few units here and there. (and for the fact that im not a fan of installing all the lil few things from time to time, if theres a possibility to get it all at once, even if the delay of the final release is bigger)
We will inevitably make a bundle for Ages of Star Wars.
The only real bug I saw was that to play sith you have to pick rebellion and the republic you have to play as the Empire.
The reason for that is the Empire have a lot of Planets in common with the Republic (Coruscant) and the Sith have a lot of planets in common with the Rebellion (Korriban). Don't worry though we will rectify this before the final release.
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