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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
The UN is mostly a joke and has only arguably been effective in either humanitarian efforts or trying to maintain a barrier between peoples too exhausted to continue their fight. Most UN "military" operations are utter failures. It is only when the US military guts sucked in(or even NATO) that those operations have any affect at all.
To be fair, peacekeeping operations are insanely difficult. And of the 100 or so the UN has run a large number have been successful. But of course some aren't going to work out well.. and those tend to be the ones we hear about.

The problem with a lot of them is that the international support isn't there in terms of resources. (and contrary to what people in the US seem to think, the US is often way below it's share of troop contributions to UN peacekeeping. ) Most of the UN believe that having a standing Rapid Reaction Force would be the way to stop a lot of these problems before they start. Doesn't the US keep blocking that?


The problem with sanctions of course is that the last person they hurt is KJI. He'll be eating steak while all his people starve.
Still, i guess he won't care much as he seems to have achieved his main aim of facing down the US.

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