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Originally Posted by Negative_Sun
I thought games were gonna be backwards compatible for a while at least? Cause not everyone can get Vista and DX10 straight away...
Games not released by Microsoft will most likely support DirectX 9 and/or OpenGL for quite some time (though with the DX10-specific features being disabled). It would be financial suicide for anyone else to release a product requiring DX10 since most of the customer base won't trip over themselves to get a new DX10-compatible graphics card and Windows Vista the second they become available. (Though I have no doubt some hardcore gamers will. ) That neither is particularily cheap doesn't exactly encourage a mass switch either.

I'm going to wait at least 6 months before looking into Vista too much. If I remember correctly Windows XP was hideously buggy when it was first released to the public and it took Microsoft a few months to get it in reasonable shape. I'm not too keen on paying for the pleasure of "beta testing" something as important as the OS.

(That and I tend to go by "If it's not broken then don't fix it" when it comes to computers. As long as my Windows XP install runs fine and remains stable and can handle pretty much anything I need to do I see no reason to go through the enormous amount of work and headache a OS reinstallation tend to be.)
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