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I ditto Darth Windu. I did actually expect the largest ship in the pirate fleet to be a hack job of a star destroyer or a tricked out bulk cruiser or some dreadnaughts. Have lots of small fast ships and several ships with very crazy weaponry. So far we're seeing bits and pieces of the of the crazy tactics, but at the same time we're seeing big ships that can go toe to toe with ISDs which is insane. ISDs should be in a land all their own in terms of might. Mon Cals are converted cruise liners, ISDs could toss them in the waste bin toe to toe. Oh well, such is XML.
I figured that the pirates would have lots of units, not zillions, more like, exotic units rather than massive hunks of metal eclipsing the sun.
Although I would love to see Pirates have the ability to capture enemy ships. That would make me very happy. Taking over an SSD and using it at reduced efficiency would be a very happy thing indeed. Can you say Warlord?

I just don't think you can continue to make up huge ships that somehow never made it into any books, but they are out there and are bigger than ISDs (when you consider how notable Booster's Errant Venture is, it doesn't make a whole bunch of sense).

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