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Originally Posted by jmac7142
We went in to Iraq, destroyed the country's infrastructure and removed the only secular government in the region and replaced it with a theocracy. Woo. The situation there now reminds me of why I think the British should still run the Middle East as well as India.
This illustrates one of the fundamental differences in the way the British did things: they were unabashedly building an Empire. They would go in, conquer whoever was around, then put their own guys in power and crush all opposition to them. The Americans only went half-way with Iraq; they went in, blew away Saddam's regime and military, then they sort of stopped and annouced the Iraqis were "free" and waited for the party balloons to come out. D'oh. They made the mistake in their thinking as many of the pundits on why Iraq has become the mess it is. There's a collossal arrogance in assuming; "Well, of course the way we do things is the best of all possible worlds! Obviously it's so much better than their fruitcake style of Banana Republic government that all we have to do is go in, and the people will be so grateful to us for bringing our way that they'll all be celebrating and happy! Aren't we nice guys?"

The British Empire knew they'd have to force the natives to accept their way, so that's what they did. The Americans thought (very naively) that their way would automatically be welcomed with open arms. Especially as that way came to Iraq in a wave of stealth bombers and several hundred thousand Iraqi corpses. Remember all those Weapons of Mass Destruction that nobody found? All those bullsh!t attempts to link Saddam to 9/11? The US and the UK have been patently dishonest every step of the way in justifying the invasion of Iraq, and people are mad at the Iraqis for not being ecstatic about their presence? I think too many folks have seen too many GI Joe cartoons as impressionable children.

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