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how to uninstall mods [spoiler too]

Uninstall: Just delete the files. Some mods come with an automatic installer and maybe removed via the Add/remove programs function in Windows.
1) If the readme mentions nothing about how to uninstall, is there no pitfall in deleting every file in the Override folder?
2) Is there any special instruction about mods installed using tslpatcher?

Finished TSL for second time so now attempting to play with mods installed, but in the first run after installing, I've encountered an "unbeatable" problem which causes the Sith Assassins aboard the Harbinger to trigger a game crash whenever the character controlled by the player targets them with anything (projectiles including grenades, melee weapons, Force powers, etc.). At first, I thought it was because they were simply invisible under all circumstances (one sees the attack icon set "floating" after one approaches the first "trigger" door, but no figure appears) and very deadly (they use poison and struck 11 out of 15 times sufficiently well to instantly kill my ~40 vitality Consular), but even after re-equipping my party and using every buffing Force power, it only served to lengthen the inevitable slaughter of my trio....

Anyway, I'm going to attempt to uninstall all of the mods then reinstall one at a time again (I don't have the CDs to uninstall then reinstall the game or I'd skip the mod uninstall procedure)....

Thanks in advance for confirming.
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