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Quoted from a letter to today's copy of the Irish Independant newspaper:

"America did nothing when Russia developed nuclear weapons. How could it? You can't bully a bully who has muscles as big and awesome as your own. And what about China? It has been a nuclear power for decades and its brutal, bloodthirsty, undemocratic regime and human rights records are not much better than those of North Korea.

But you won't hear talk from the corridors of power in the West of sanctions against the People's Republic. Why? Because China is strong enough militarily to tell the West to stuff its saber-rattling rhetoric. And it is considered a vital trading partner.

The mad, bad dictator Kim Jong-il is only doing what his American detractors, Chinese allies and former Russian allies have been getting away with for decades.

Kim Jong-il is just the bold boy who has learned some woefully bad habits from his elders if not betters."

John F.
Callan, Co. Kilkenny

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