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Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
Quoted from a letter to today's copy of the Irish Independant newspaper:

"America did nothing when Russia developed nuclear weapons. How could it? You can't bully a bully who has muscles as big and awesome as your own. And what about China? It has been a nuclear power for decades and its brutal, bloodthirsty, undemocratic regime and human rights records are not much better than those of North Korea.
That's a bunch of total bull****. They can by no means compare the political situation in China with the ones in NK. In that case I could just as well compare the US politics and respect to human rights as equal to Russia's.

You know you'd think that super powers such as the US would have learned something from Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and the Gulf war etc. But no nothing. People are still ranting about forcing countries into democrazy in exactly the same way.

FREEEEDOOOM!!!! *booom bang bang booom*.... a ****... didn't work out this time either.

Give aid and knowledge to the NK people and maybe they wouldn't hate you guts so hard. What would millitary sanctions provide?

Kim's death? Yeah maybe but what would the people of NK feel about the US invading their country and slayng their semi-god? This is not a good way to bring democrazy to a country. This is how you create new terrorists.
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