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Thanks for the understanding igyman. As a reward, I am posting chapter 18. Yes I was slow at posting chapters because I have an Internet Nazi at home and I have dial-up there.

Chapter 18
The ship landed on a small strip away from the main center of the planet. The rain beat at its weathered hull with a pleasant rhythm as it lowered its loading ramp. The first to emerge was a hooded figure that pulled his robes tightly around him to try and shield himself from the cold. He glanced around to find a single solitary waiting for him. Keeping a sharp eye, he walked towards the figure that was also wearing robes to protect himself from the rain. Upon reaching the figure, the one that was waiting for him spoke, “Lovely weather we’re having aren’t we?”

Atton responded, “About as lovely as it gets kid. I have what I guess you’ve been waiting for.”

“Good. I have a friend who knows where to put it,” Caelos replied and led the way.

Rowan watched as a figure descended from the ship. He allowed himself a smile for the one person he had a close friendship with. Coming up to see his old friend better, he saw that he was flanked by four others, one obviously being carried, and the droid he had come to think synonymous with the term psychotic. He greeted his friend in a warrior clasp and spoke softly above the roar of the rain, “Weather’s good isn’t it?”

With a slight grin, Kirabaros replied, “Not as good as home I imagine. How’s the senator?”

Eying Kirabaros’ companions, Rowan replied, “Well. She showed me a place for the lady.” He indicated to Revan who was holding her sleeping daughter. Carth was trying to keep the rain off of them. The droid was scanning the area with a sniper rifle cocked and ready for anything and Dustil was just anxious but trusting of their group leader’s decisions.

Kirabaros moved his own eyes to scan around as he said, “We best get going. Things could change for this game.”

Rowan said nothing but instead nodded. Turning, he led the way to a transport that he had ready. Yes things were going to change. Still he was a warrior and he would keep his honor by fulfilling his oath. The first rule of a Bushida warrior was to uphold the oaths he or she makes to another.

The apartment looked like twelve people had lived cramped in it along with rats and other types of vermin. The floor was carpeted and surprisingly clean but badly stained. The walls bore signs of water damage and showed it in ugly brown stains. Caelos and his friend that he met after the war, a blue Twi’lek named Mission, stood and watched as their companions inspected what was to be their quarters for as long as things stood. Atton was holding a sleeping Morgan glancing around with a strange expression and Michaela was looking around with an amused expression. Tulre was sitting on one of the battered couches with Kapu nestled against him and he was dozing. Michaela, much to Atton’s surprise said, “This is fine. I’m surprised that you could find it on such short notice.”

Mission, glad that her hard work was being rewarded, replied, “Yeah well, it’s good to know who’s ‘renting’ and who’s selling and the like.”

“We aren’t gonna be found out are we Blue?” Atton asked calling Mission the nickname that Canderous, now Mandalore, gave her.

“Nope. The folks here don’t see nothin’ and they don’t hear nothin.’” Mission looked pleased with herself. Ever since the war ended, Kirabaros encouraged her to be legit in her dealings but also encouraged her to keep her skills in practice. She was grateful and never really got to thank him for telling her about the friend who was like a sister to her. Her way just happened to give him a hand.

Michaela for her part was grateful for Mission. She liked the Twi’lek when she first met her and taught some useful things like cooking, one that Mission liked to show off when she came to Avalon. Casting a warning glance at Atton, she replied to Mission, “This will be fine. After all, we are hiding out here at your expense and we are grateful.”

“Anything for Jac…er Kirabaros,” Mission beamed, momentarily forgetting that Kirabaros never went by his childhood name any more. She was glad to see Tulre again for he had a way of making her laugh. Not finished, she opened what passed for a closet and revealed clothing that would allow for them to pass as common citizens on Coruscant just in case they needed to make a discreet exit.

Impressed, Michaela said, “I see you thought of everything. Well it looks like we’re going to be all right.”

Caelos took his leave for he still had his duties towards the senator and he had to receive an update from Kirabaros. He gave a slight bow and left the apartment and took off leaving Mission to help them. He only hoped that Kirabaros wouldn’t encounter any other problems.

Senator Amstar greeted Revan with a sisterly hug and gave a polite peck on Kirabaros and Carth’s cheeks. Dustil she looked at with a smile and greeted him with a handshake. Her differences in her greetings were nothing unusual for she gave them as she saw them; whatever made her guests comfortable. She insisted on holding Lilah who woke up and asked to see the pretty lady much to the amusement of her parents. Sitting down on a long couch, she motioned for the others to sit. She spoke in a good-natured voice, “I trust you will enjoy your stay.”

“Oh yes,” Revan piped up equally cheerful. “Thank you for letting us stay.”

“No problem. I’m sure this is even satisfactory for Kirabaros.” Senator Amstar held Lilah who was getting drowsy again. “Anyway, I could use with the company.”

Meanwhile Kirabaros had gotten up quietly and made his way around the apartment. Rowan followed him to help along with HK. Revan had seen him get up to walk through the various rooms. He had told her that he would be handling security since he didn’t trust green Republic recruits, no offense to Carth. She kept to the conversation with Senator Amstar and replied, “Yes. With all the security round, I am sure we will go in and get out without any mishaps.”

Senator Amstar smiled. Kirabaros had asked her if she wouldn’t mind. He stressed that it would be a big risk for her but she liked the Onasi family. After what they did for Avalon, well there were many who would consider it an honor. That was something not mentioned for it was passed along the wind that they wanted to live quietly and it was respected. She changed the course of the conversation by addressing Dustil, “Tell me, young Dustil, how goes the engineering job?”

Surprised that the conversation was directed at him, Dustil stammered and got a little flustered. Revan hid a smile for he looked like Carth when he was nervous. Dustil went into a brief description as to what he was doing. The conversation lulled a bit and that was the signal for Senator Amstar to show them to their rooms. It was a testament to how spacious the apartment was by the amount of rooms and their spacing. If anything it seemed as if the Republic wanted to keep the Avalonians sweet since they were new to the Republic. Carth kept that thought to himself as well as the conversation he had with Admiral Dodonna before landing requesting a meeting.

Later, with their daughter asleep in the adjoining room, Carth told Revan his apprehensions about what was going on. He said, “I don’t know Gorgeous but I have a feeling that the Republic has a hidden agenda. As much as I don’t want to believe it, that feeling is there.”

Snuggling close to his warm body in their bed, Revan could sense how this whole thing was tearing him apart. He was loyal to the Republic, the ideals that it was supposed to stand for. The very thought that the Republic would be wont to cause harm to one person was disturbing. She couldn’t help but feel the same way. Knowing that Carth valued her honesty she replied softly, “I know but I think that it’s not the Republic as a whole. Maybe it is someone with ties to the higher ups.”

The conversation continued into the night until husband and wife fell asleep, each thinking of the challenges they will face. Eventually their sleep became peaceful creating a sense of calm that could be sensed by every Force sensitive nearby.

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