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Originally Posted by TheSuperRodian
Yes, but, can you get a full desktop into a two man room at college? Or on what will be my new home starting next year, a supertanker?(oh yes, oh yes. ) I need a balance, as you can't use a desktop on a flight to aussie land and TBH, i'm probably only going to be playing some smalltime game inbetween the reports & e-mails that are going to be churned out by the minute...
A fellow Aussie!! Gday Im down in Melbourne, theres a few of us around here now - which is good I say

I wasnt talking about desktops at all....ultramobile PCs are about 3/4 the size of an a4 sheet of paper and weigh less than a kilo. Run a full version of xp(tablet/vista) and double well as a desktop if docked with a keybaord. Im picking up my asus r2h next month, cant wait!

Another one available here in Oz is the ubiquio 701.

anyway, If youre looking for a desktop case that that isnt a 'supertanker' but has the space for a great gaming hardware the Thermaltake Lanbox looks pretty awesome....ive seen a quad sli setup in one, nice


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