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Here are a bunch of the freeware applications I use fairly often:
  • AVG Free, free anti-virus software.

  • ZoneAlarm, free software firewall that can block both incoming and outgoing connection attempts.

  • ATI Tray Tools, ATI Radeon configuration tool, I use it instead of the bloated Catalyst Control Center. Can also take screenshots of DirectX/OpenGL applications and games, show FPS rate and GPU temperature on-screen and record audio.

  • Motherboard Monitor, allows you to check the temperature of your CPU and Motherboard, voltages and fan speed. A bit old by now, but still works, and useful when you get paranoid after your computer overheats once due to a malfunctioning fan.

  • Miranda IM, very nice instant messenger client, which unlike all others I've looked at is fairly lightweight, requiring very little memory and CPU resources, and doesn't contain any unremovable bloatware or spy/adware. Supports a variety of different protocols, with plugins support to allow handling many others.

  • 7Zip, free file compression/decompression utility that can unpack most formats, and integrates with the Windows shell context menu for easy use.

  •, free Office suite, similar to MS Office. Not quite as advanced, but more than enough for someone like me. And it doesn't cost anything.

  • IrfanView, image viewer application that can handle most image formats. Also contains some rudimentary editing functionality and can mass-convert images between different formats. Perfect for fixing up screenshots and such.


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