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Geez, ET, then don't forget about how the Nazis didn't include Jews, slavs, blacks and others as being not even human. Nor how liberals are quick to deny humans any rights till the doctor has removed them COMPLETELY from their mothers' wombs. But seeing as how homosexuals are not treated as other than human (at least under US law), it's hard to make the argument you seem to be insinuating. Much of law is merely a high powered game of semantics. Gay people here (and no doubt in many western countries) tend to be in a higher income bracket and as such can generate market forces to cater to their needs (eg, insurance etc..). As it stands, there is little or nothing that stops gay people from cohabitating or leaving thier money to each other in case of death. Maybe they can't leave their SS to each other, but I'm guessing that can be tacked on as a rider to some bill. Politicians like to be sneaky that way.
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