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My guess would be that many of them may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time or were named by others as some kind of co-conspirators or such by other tangos. Many of them may also be guilty, not that that might occur to some of you. Gitmo is not a civillian prison, nor is the "war on terror" a criminal justice issue. It's well known that Geneva doesn't apply to terrorists, but to uniformed combatants of opposing sides. Any American who fought in civies against a foreign foe would no doubt be shot as a spy by the other side.

I wonder how aware some of you are about how the Occupation authorities dealt with such people after WW2. The Werewolves, most likely Hitler youth and other nazis, were often summarily executed for commiting acts of terrorism and other assaults vs their conquerers. Imagine the hue and cry today if Coalition forces had done that. It's obvious to me, and others, that liberals (not necessarily dems) have no clue how to conduct a war (Bush's fault is that he didn't use ENOUGH force, not that he used any force at all) or deal with America's enemies. Sadly, people are not going to be nice to you b/c you're nice to them.
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