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Originally Posted by Qliveur
Yeah, we did.
Up until that time the majority of Americans wanted to stay out of the war (isolationism).
Pearl Harbor was a result of the U.S. choosing to ally ourselves with Britain and the Allies, and cut off trade with Japan. Had we stayed neutral we might not have gotten attacked.

Originally Posted by Qliveur
The Japanese were cut off and starving, but they wouldn't surrender.
But why not? A number of professionals have voiced their opinion (as I have quoted previously in the thread) that they regretted the atomic bombings, because they DID think that Japan was on the path of surrendering.

And if they didn't surrender, why right away bomb a bunch of civilians? Why not detonate the bomb over an unpopulated part of Japan, just to show the rest of the world that we have the bomb, but not slaughter innocents in the process...

Originally Posted by Qliveur
Either invade at the cost of several hundred thousand American lives or nuke two cities and kill a couple hundred thousand Japanese in a way little different than they'd been doing for the past year, and with little or no loss of American lives.
Why did we have to do anything? Was Japan prepared to come and invade the U.S. and take it over? If not, then we would be on an offensive campaign, not a defensive one.
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