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Originally Posted by Darth Windu
Exactly. Just like in the original C&C where Nod didn't have anything that could go head-to-head with a Medium Tank or a Mammoth Tank, yet they could still win. Also like in 'Generals' where the GLA doesn't really have any heavy armour or airpower, yet their suicide weapons (truck, suicide bomber) and very effective.
The same goes for StarCraft, which had the classic combination of "really expensive, powerful unit faction," "really cheap, weak unit faction," and "middle-of-the-road faction." And, in fact, one of the most effective units in the game were the Zerg Scourge, diabolically cheap anti-air suicide units. Exactly the sort of ends-justify-the-means, sneak-attack sort of thing I'd expect from a guy like Tyber Zann.

Actually, a neat ability for the Consortium might be to designate one of their ships per battle as a bomb carrier, and have that ship launch a suicide attack against an enemy capital ship. Then there would be an element of surprise--you don't know whether it's that squad of blastboats, that troop transport, or that Vengeance frigate that's suddenly going to ram your capital ships.

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