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This may be a little off on a tangent, maybe not, but relates to the detainees.
The Military Commissions Act of 2006 (S. 3930) does not say they're assumed guilty. Granted, it doesn't say they're presumed innocent, either. I'm not seeing anywhere in this bill that says torture is specifically allowed, unless I'm really missing something. In fact, statements made under torture are inadmissible, and an amendment was put in place to make sure it stayed in compliance with Geneva conventions.

Detainees, specifically alien unlawful enemy combattants, are given a trial, it just happens to be in a military commission rather than in a civilian court. Lawful combattants and resident aliens/citizens are not included.

I'm all for exposing wrongdoing, but it's wise to make sure to read the bill itself instead of a website's or journalist's interpretation of the bill.

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