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(( /\/\/\______________ "No response!" ))

“watch out” Vanir yelled.

Jack’s eyes widened when he saw Vanir pulling out a Thermal Detonator…. He realised what Vanir was about to do, and without hesitation he turned around, he ran as quickly as he could and threw himself forward. Instantly, the thermal detonators went off and the part of the rooftop where Jack had just been standing broke down and collapsed in the explosion. Smoke and dust scattered across the rooftop with Jack laying ontop of it, only a meter away from the crater caused by the explosion. He got up and wiped the dust off of his armour. “I swear if that guy does something like that again….” Jack murmured. If Vanir told him he was going to do that, he wouldn’t have bothered taking out the rooftop guards quietly in the first place.

"Who wants to die first?"

Jack sighed heavily when he heard the noise of reckless fighting, and jumped down on the debris. Not bothering to draw out any weapons, he simply followed K’Nala and watched the carnage caused by Vanir.

"Now we should go before the Hutt hears of our arrival, if he hasn't already." K'Nala said. Jack nodded in response and followed her as she led the way through the Hutt’s palace.

When the doorway to the audience room and the two gamoreans were in sight, Jack immediately reached for his blaster rifle, but let go of it when he noticed that the gamoreans started to..…fly. He turned to look at K’Nala, who simply was standing there, holding out both of her hands, controlling the fate of the two gamoreans using the force. The moment she twisted them and clenched her firsts, the two gamoreans were crushed. Jack grinned. “Interesting, Secura never showed me that trick.” He thought. Jack was amused by the show and continued to watch K’Nala as she forced the doors open with only a mere movement of her hands. A group of seven bodyguards could be seen inside the room, surrounding their target, Gualla, the Hutt.

"Take it away boys, but we need the Hutt alive." K’Nala ordered.

“Will be done.” Jack answered. He turned his stealth generator on and disappeared once more. The guards, apparently surprised by the sudden disappearance of one of their targets, started randomly shooting at doorway in which Vanir and K’Nala were standing. They had no idea what else they could do in their situation, which suited Jack just fine. Six of the guards were already standing in front of the Hutt, shooting at the doorway, but one of them, a rodian, had to walk around the Hutt first to be able to get a clear shot. The rodian positioned himself next to the group, and readied his heavy blaster rifle.

The heavy blaster rifle caught the assassin's attention. "Perfect." Jack thought. Before the rodian’s finger was even able to pull the trigger, the assassin reappeared behind him. Jack’s hands reached the rodian’s head, and twisted it swiftly. He could hear the cracking of bones clearly, but it was not heard by the others, who were still busy shooting at Vanir and K’Nala and did not hear nor notice it through the noise of blaster fire. The Hutt, unable to get away from the fighting, froze the moment he saw Jack catching the rodian’s body as it fell to the ground. The Hutt started yelling desperately when Jack took the heavy blaster rifle out of the dead rodian’s hands. Only then, when the rodian fell to the ground and the Hutt yelled, did the rest of the group notice Jack’s reappearance. In all of the confusion, most of the guards stopped shooting at the doorway and started to turn towards Jack, whilst others simply froze out of fear. A few of the guards were killed by Vanir, who used the distraction to get a clear shot. Jack used the rodian’s heavy blaster rifle to mow down the rest of them. The guards fell to the ground, one by one, utterly fried by the blaster fire from the heavy blaster rifle. Jack was standing in between the burning remains of the guards and made sure every last one of them was dead. After executing the last survivor, he turned back towards the doorway and shouted the all clear.
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