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So, TK, the US is now not allowed to adjust it's trade policies b/c some other country might find them inconveient? You do realize that being "on the path of surrendering" isn't the same as actually doing it? Your repeated attempts to cite pointless civillian deaths is misplaced. As has been pointed out to you, these targets all had military and economic reasons (supporting Japan's war effort) and Japan was too densely populated to avoid such casualties if we chose to do so anyway. Hawaii and PH were part of the US. Offensive campaigns are not bad in and of themselves. I think you must be trying to delineate between wars of conquest and those forced on you by others. The US fought both offensive and defensive campaigns throughout the war in both the Pacific and European theatres. Frankly, and with all due respect, you need to read up on the natures of both the Imperial Japanese government and the Nazi regime and their goals if you're to better understand the issue at hand. Sorry if that sounds harsh to you.
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