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>>The ISD should however, completely eclipse the Mon Cal in arnament and hull armour.

Funny you should say that because, I think its in the game contants folder, but the ISD does have better armour than the MC; so this makes the disparity between the two ships even more alarming. By way or armour, I mean the MC will take full damage from a ISD hit whereas an ISD takes 75% damage (its multiplier is .75).

I cant believe i forgot about Star Craft too...good call...damn that was a great game. The format was as you said Wedge but it had balance issues as well...I remember a 4v4 between 4 humans and 4 hard computers and when the computer had a couple of protoss players it would combine forces and march about 2 dozen zealots to one persons base! We all used to pray we werent the closest to them...which reminds me, prolly a bit off topic but anyone noticed the Bothan Frenzy space map AI if you play against rebels. I had a 2v2 with all computers and they spammed over a dozen corvettes and gunships. Even using VSDs and ISDs they were just too strong, since they would hunt in packs of at least 6. Really nasty. Depended on how much of a jump they got with resources early though...
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