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Well, most people don't see a logical, reasoned need for gay people to be married.
Nonsense. In fact, SkinWalker just listed them, and to shorten it down: "It does no harm to them or others, so what's the problem"?

Frankly, the main reason for marriage in the first place was mainly to provide a stable setting for the raising of children by a mother and father.
Do you know that? Back in the Roman Empire and ancient Greece, marriage was for heterosexuals as well as homosexuals - as long as you married only within your class, I think. Skin will correct me if I'm wrong, I suppose.

And homosexuals can raise children. And before anyone spouts the "the kid will be tortured on the playground"-myth imported from the equally stupid movement against inter-colour marriage and adoption: Statistics from countries where gay adoption is allowed shows that's not the case. They're as accepted as children of inter-racial couples.

And how many kids await adoption in the US alone again? 100 000? It's funny how the neo-cons don't want abortion and still

If you want to take the attitude that infertile couples should not be allowed to marry either, makes no dif to me.
It should. It makes a huge difference to the said sterile people.

I'm not saying homosexuals should be legally prevented from doing whatever they do behind closed doors as consenting adults, just that there's no demonstrable need for gay marriage. They can call it a union as ED suggested earlier and other legal provisions (much like private corps are doing even now) can be made for their financial needs, as it were.
Going by that reasoning, there's no need for inter-racial marriage either, or for that case, heterosexual marriage.

If you think it's good enough for them, then surely it's good enough for you, no?

Marriage, as ED has pointed out, is by definition a union between man and woman.

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