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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Using your reasoning, perhaps we should allow public masturbation and coitus so long as the people involved clean themselves up and not contaminate anyone/thing.
Your non sequiturs notwithstanding, lets stick to the issue at hand: same sex marriage. There are many more reasons for wanting to be married than to produce children. Indeed, if this were the sole reason for marriage, there wouldn't exist today many couples who chose to marry and not produce children. Indeed, I don't recall reproduction being mentioned in my marriage vows at all.

So, just because you fail to see logical reasons for joining with another adult in marriage, doesn't imply that they don't exist for the rest of us. Which brings us back to the main point: there are no reasons to restrict same sex marriage and many reasons to allow it. Reasons which I, and others, have already stated in the thread.

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