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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
But seriously, exactly what would constitute proof of God's (or any other supernatural being for that matter) existence that you (atheists and non-believers in general) wouldn't reject out of hand as some kind of mass hypnosis or parlor trick? It seems to me that it would be very difficult to prove the genuine existence of God, especially as we become more and more technically sophisticated. Many of you "christian bashers" seem to be as closed minded as the people you deride when it comes to this topic.
I'm an atheist, but an agnostic one. I'm willing to revise my position with evidence presented and in the case of a god it would only take a demonstration of omnipotence/omnipresence. Nothing too difficult for a god. As an agnostic-atheist, I recognize that, while I see no reason to accept the gods of man just because some Bronze and Iron age believers wrote down their myths, I also recognize there is no way for me to state that no god can exist since I'm unable to test this hypothesis. My mind is very open -far more so than the deluded who go on with their lives worshiping bronze age mythology.

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