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The thread's alive once more, and once more everybody seems to be ignoring an important aspect of the debate. Marriage itself should be abolished.

Gay "marriage", straight marriage, interracial marriage, marriage 'twixt man and fluffy bunny slipper... they must all be abolished. Reasons: State or religious sanctioning of a romantic relationship does not make the relationship stronger, nor does it make it more stable; the divorce industry lives vampirically off the equally vampiric marriage industry. The still existing financial breaks for married couples are an injustice to single people; one should not be given money from the state for living together, as sharing bills is ENOUGH of a break, thank you very much.

Silly people refer to the legalising of gay marriage as "progress". But it's not social progress in any conceivable form. Progress would be throwing away this pseudo-mystical ritual of marriage. Throwing away the state's sanctioning of it. Let religious people throw whatever strangely dressed party they want, but state-sanctioned financially advantageous marriages must go.

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