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Name: Gandon Nark
Team: Jedi
Weapons: green lightsaber, force powers
Class: Jedi Master

Master Gandon was on the fifth floor when he saw Vader and the clones march in. He drew his lightsaber and pulled out his comlink. He called his fellow Masters Adi Gallia, Saesee Tiin, and others who were in temple. "Clone Troopers have entered the Temple and I advise all of you to leave. Regroup at the cruiser. May the force be with you." He slipped it back into his robe and sprinted to the secruity room. He raised the alarm to advise all Jedi to leave the temple. He then ran out into the meditating room and ran into a few clone troopers. "There's one!" one of them shouted. Gandon then leaped into the air, ignited his lightsaber, and landed behind them, subduing them within seconds.
He ran out into the main hall and looked down several floors to see the battle commencing below. A large group of his friends caught up to him. One of them spoke up, "We were in the training room when we got your message. Several dozen others went to the hangar to prepare the ship." Gandon looked at her, whose name was Katherine, and wrapped his arms around her. She kissed him and then returned to the conflict. It appeared that the clones were only on the bottom floors. Gandon looked back at the others. "We need to rescue everyone we can." He then ignited his lightsaber again with the others doing the same and spoke, "May the force be with us." And he leaped over the edge with the others following and sailed down towards the bottom. Suddenly a pillar fell over below him and several of them landed on it as it toppled down. He ran down the top of it and leaped forth into the outbreak. He sliced through most of the clones who were in the room with the other Jedi fighting off the others. In the middle of the room was a clone commander with a chaingun and a holocron on his belt. He sprinted towards him as the clone turned around and began firing. Gandon reacted and began twirling his lightsaber in front of him, blocking the rapid chain of laser fire. He then thrust his lightsaber into the commander's chest and grabbed the holocon. He looked toward the outer entrance and clones were still filing in, but in many less numbers. He signaled to his friends to head to the hangar and he began fighting through to the library.
He arrived in the library and looked around. There were only one or two clones who were being beaten down by a few Jedi. He looked toward the balcony in front of the large window and saw a dark hooded figure strike down Jocasta Nu, the librarian. He sensed the dark side in him and leaped up to the balcony. Gandon was shocked to find that it was Anakin. The dark Jedi spoke up, "Step aside Gandon." Then Master Nark replied, "You won't go any further in this murderous outrage." "Then you will die." After saying that Anakin raised his lightsaber and thrust it down onto his opponent. Gandon blocked it and began using furiously quick attacks. The two battled back and forth. Gandon cut part Anakin's wrist and and used to force to pull his lightsaber into his hand. He then force pushed Anakin out the window. He stood there a few moments trying to catch his breath. He then tossed Anakin's lightsaber out the window and raced on, sensing that Anakin was still alive and not far away.

There is a difference between being smart and being wise; being smart is knowing what you believe to be right, but being wise is knowing the truth.

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