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Originally Posted by Totenknopf
How is the inevitably higher rate of likely divorce amongst gay people going to benefit any one but wedding planners and divorce lawyers? Given that homosexuals have a higher rate of promoscuity than even heterosexuals, this isn't an unreasonable conclusion.
You made all of that information up. I doubt you have any empirical evidence ot assume that there will be a higher rate of divorce, OR that homosexuals are inherently more promiscuous than heteros.
Just because equality doesn't seem like a logical reason to YOU, doesn't mean that it is not a logical reason. Homosexuals should be able to marry because heterosexuals are able to marry. You are intentionally discriminating against a specific group of people, just for the sake of maintaining the status quo.

Personally I'm partially in agreement with Spider, the only thing that I think is nice with marriage is the things like hospital visitation, inheritance, etc. etc. While all these things can be arranged, there are about 8 million forms and other procedures to go through, when a single marriage license takes care of it. However, as marriage isn't likely to go away anytime soon, I'd say it's best to offer it to everyone and let the people who want it choose to have it.

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