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Originally Posted by Negative_Sun
I use AVG, is it just as good as Avast Antivirus?
Avast is by far supior to AVG. Avg only has a residential on access scanner.

Avast also does the following on less resources than AVG takes to run.
Web Access scanner (scans incoming internet trafic for viruses and malware)
Internet email scanner (as the name suggests)
network scanner (scans incoming network trafic for viruses and malware)
Residential on Access scanner (scans everyfile you access for viruses and will stop you from opening one if it contains a virus)
excange/outlook scanner (you get the picture by now
P2P scanner
IM scanner

web browser Firefox
email program Mozilla Thunderbird
alternative browser Lolifox - firefox based browser for anime fans

windows hacks (sorta)
boot skin, logon studio - both free: they let your replace your default boot screen, and logon screen respectively.

all my other programs people have linked to already as no sense in mentioning them

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