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Just because you think something isn't harmful (your argumnet) doesn't mean people should do it (hence my somewhat over the top examples).
What I said was that they shouldn't be disallowed from doing it, not that they should do it (although, of course, I think couples who've decided to be together should marry, if they're sure it's right for them).

And it's not a "just": If something does no harm to others or themselves, they're free to do it. Homosexual marriage shouldn't harm the participants, nor the rest of society, so you have no reason to ban it. And if you have no reason to keep it illegal, don't keep it illegal. The "you have no logical reason to legalize it"-argument just doesn't hold water.

Also, I say that if you want to set up a different type of union for infertile couples or people who want no chidren whatsoever
I never said I did. I asked if you did, since you seem to have an issue with marriages that don't produce off-spring.

Since hurt is such a loaded concept, perhaps you should define your term before I deal with that issue.
I don't need to define anything. Work by your own definition. What damage to others does homoseuxal marriage do?

But seriously, why? To feel special?
Why what? Why legalize gay marriage?

In that case, no, it's not for them to "feel special". Equality has nothing to do with special treatment. It is, by definition, the opposite of special treatment.

Why marry? Better question. My aunt and uncle had two kids a decade before their marriage, and they're still together. They're just as good a family as the rest of them, but because they didn't marry earlier, they didn't get the benefits of married people.

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