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Originally Posted by Stairwell777
Hello all.

Long time viewer, first time caller.

Wondering about a couple of shorts I read about on the website before it went down. The "vice squad" and "fun with ... organs" or whatever it was (too tired to remember exact wording).
I read that these and the "artsy crafty..." short were played inbetween some episodes. Anyone know which episodes these were part of? I have basically every episode everyone else here seems to (yet I havnt watched all yet) and don't remember them in the ones I have watched. I noticed they used to be on the site to download... the only one I have located is artsy crafty...

On a side note, I found a dvd of sam and max claiming to be the full series... listing 12 episodes, with 10 of them haveing pts a and b, ie 2a 2b etc.
Which would make... 2 full length episodes? Even so.. isn't that still missing one episode? I wish they would tell me which one!!

ANyway.. umm, enough ramblings.

DVD of 12 with 2 Full Length's means it's only missing 2 episodes.

Where did you find this "DVD" and how many episodes do you have. Please don't say they're at a friends house. I can only take so much
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