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Dvd was at on online store, will dig up the link later, have to sift through my .txt of "look at these links again!" like $15 US or something.

I have..
Little Bigfoot
That Darn Gator
2nd Show Ever
The Tell Tale Tail
The Thing that Wouldn't Stop It
Bad Day On The Moon
Dysfunction of the Gods
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Max's Big Day
We Drop at Dawn
The Invaders
The Trouble With Gary
The Uglions..
They Came From Down There
Big Trouble At Earths Core
All in .wmv, apparantly taken from the VHS tapes
and Xmas Bloody Xmas
Glitch In Time
Glazed McGuffin
and the intro d/l from youtube.

As for the shorts, Artsy Craftsy... and I recently found
"Our Bewildering Universe" short. but its different from a description I read about the Fox one... this one is S&M with an alien on a table, made to look a bit grainy - they take the top of it's head off and max plays with it's brain.
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