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I think the OP is confusing what he says to a female Exile with male Exile:

Female Exile: {Quiet} Do not harm her. I command it. {Slight respect} She... has earned this. She and I will meet again.

Male Exile: {Sion watches the player flee, his face furious. The Sith assassins gather behind him} {Furious, can't understand it, but makes him jealous of male player} She protects him. Shields him. {Doesn't turn} Find him. Hunt him wherever he travels. He will not escape me again. I will bring his corpse to her, cast it at her feet. It will be as if killing her children. I will kill all she protects, all she shields, until her hands are drenched in blood.

"They may not call you a Jedi anymore, but believe me you are. It's not the sort of thing you just stop being. You're stuck with it. Just like you're stuck being the General."
~Bao-Dur, The Sith Lords
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