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First of all check out our new website:

It's been quite a busy week at Ages of Star Wars we are still working as hard as ever on our little project ;D the latest of our achievements being workable shadows in-game (as seen below). As well as two new models the cool and calculating G0-T0 and the Maintenance droid a very...practical unit, but I'm sure you don't to hear anymore of my blathering onto the update.

AoSW Update

The droid designated G0-T0 was designed to help with the restoration efforts on Telos IV, after the Sith Bombardment had all but destroyed the planets surface, assigned to the capable hands of the Ithorian Headsman. Unknown to the Ithorian’s was the Droids other directive the reconstruction of the ailing Republic as it was on the brink of destruction and the survival of Telos was imperative. However with the constraints placed upon it by it’s designers (to follow the laws of the Republic) the droid inevitably forsook his orders to follow the Law of the Republic and began his underground operations in earnest. Installing himself in a menacing jet-black Orb G0-T0 purchased an Aratach Hologram (to better communicate with his ‘associates’) creating the alias Goto. For quite some time G0-T0 remains undiscovered until The Jedi Exile is captured on the surface of Nar Shaddaa and held on G0-T0’s yacht this incarceration was cut short with the Exiles companions storming the Yacht and disabling his cloak. After his mobile command centre was destroyed in the ensuing chaos Goto presents a ‘droid’ to accompany the Exile in his travels, unbeknownst to the Exile the droid is in fact G0-T0 itself…

The Maintenance droid was built by the veritable Aratach Corporation and is equipped with a low yield cutting laser, while this droid won’t stand up very well under combat situations, it is excellent at field repairs. --- Ages of Star Wars: Jedi Civil war --- Official website
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